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Safe & cloud based

All data is securely stored in the cloud, using advanced encrypted connections, two-factor authentication and data encryption.

Integrated system

We use a public API to link to your software or hardware, which allows for full integration with your platform.


Suitable for use in over 99% of all fuel-powered cars manufactured after 2010 and 90% of all electric cars. After expansion also interchangeable between vehicles.

CE certified

Fire, shock and vibration resistant. Not sensitive to external radiation and will not catch fire in the event of a short circuit. These are just some of the guaranteed safety features we've integrated to make you feel secure.

Reservation unit

The app gives users 24/7 access to lock and unlock bicycles or cars. Users can also use the app to schedule a reservation themselves, which helps you guarantee availability.

White label

Your entire application, including platform, stand-alone native apps, will have your own look and feel. Completely designed with your brand identity, tailored to your user needs.

Vecore drives mobility forward

More and more car users are making specific demands around the use, accessibility and sustainability of mobility. They want it to be cheaper, cleaner and smarter. How can you respond to this as a fleet manager, leasing company, car rental company or mobility platform? Vecore’s mobility solution guarantees efficient fleet management via car share technology. You’re not only saving money, you’re saving our environment, too. The user also benefits from the many advantages of our car share technology.

Management portal

The management portal gives you insight into vehicles, reservations and trips. It allows you to fully manage your fleet and use it more efficiently.

Proprietary technology: Vecore has developed the management software and hardware based on years of experience. We are continuously developing our technology.

In the cloud: all data is in the cloud. That gives you 24/7 access to the data, making management easy and safe.

  • Full solution

    We're working hard to create the most complete and progressive solution, enabling far-reaching configuration based on your wishes and needs.


Our box provides the connection between the shared car and the management software. This allows the vehicles to be managed remotely.

CE-certified: the box is fire, shock and vibration resistant. Those are just a few of the guaranteed safety features.
Track & trace: the box provides location data and mileage logs for the vehicle.

  • Smart data capturing

    The SmartBox reads data from the vehicle both via OBD-II and CANbus. This dual configuration means you always have the most relevant, accurate information about the vehicle at your fingertips

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